ALTANA CEO visits Hualing


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ALTANA CEO visits Hualing
Source: Hualing Coatings Date: 2011-08-08

Volfgruber, CEO of ALTANA Group based in Germany, visited Hualing in the afternoon of Aug 8 accompanied by BYK General Manager of Greater China Region Fu Dechun , and Manager of the Northern Area, Dinig Xiaochuan .
General Manager Huang Yongtang welcomed Volfgruber. Deputy General Manager Jiang Fugui spoke about our history, background, organization, products and development over the past two decades. Volfgruber affirmed our achievements for the past 18 years since becoming the general agent of China Northern Region of BYK additives & instruments. He praised our trustworthiness and cooperation with BYK. Volfgruber and Fu Dechun emphasized that BYK is taking the lead in new product developments, stable quality and technical services for additives and instruments. They encouraged our sales teams to promote BYK products and offer top services for our clients.
Volfgruber hopes t BYK can maintain cooperation with Hualing.
Germany BYK, micro peel instrument company, subsidiary of ALTANA Group, shares influence with the global coating industry.
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