Founded in 1993 by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry and 30 large state-owned coatings companies, Hualing Coatings Co. Ltd. (HLCC) started with registered capital of 14.8 million yuan ($2.2 million).

The company has accelerated development of coatings for stronger competitiveness on the global stage.  

The company has conducted research for military- and other pivotal products-used coatings outlined its long-term plans.

The company’s business ranges from innovating new coating products, introducing foreign advanced technologies and capital, conducting technology exchanges and cooperation, along with information communications to train talented people, sell coatings, raw materials and chemical products, and implement missions authorized by its parent companies. 

It has carried out the unsaturated polyester resin project and driers for coatings with German Hess Company.

Its domestic trade business has expanded to become a Chinese agent for foreign products. It started as an agent business of coating additives for German BYK in 1993.

After 1997, the company made overall adjustments to transform into a standard limited liability company by reforming its corporate system according to Company Law. The number of shareholders had dropped to 20 from 25 with its registered capital shrinking from 14.8 million yuan to 12.7 million yuan.

The company adjusted its strategy to focus on the foreign product agency and trade. It upgraded an internal operation responsibility system, while establishing a rewards and punishment mechanism to lower fund recovery risks.

In 1999, HLCC was separated from the government to become a subsidiary of China Haohua Group Co. (CHC). It positioned its main business to the sales of raw materials for coatings and chemical trade.

The development concept of “steady development, orderly management and harmonious enterprise” was adopted with the support of CHC, along with other shareholder organizations, as well as employees’ efforts. The company has formed four business sectors: international trade, raw materials for coating and collagen series health care products.

The company has standardized its management.

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