Domestic marketing network: Headquartered in Beijing, Hualing Coatings focuses on the northern China market. It has set up marketing agencies and warehouses in Tianjin, Shenyang, Xi’an, Qingdao, Lanzhou and Zhengzhou to facilitate customers by providing efficient business and technology services. It has more than 800 regular customers.

Business contact information:

Coating raw material business:

Company headquarters

Address: South Building 221, Liupukang Street No. 1, Xicheng District, Beijing (Business DepartmentⅠ)

Tel: +86-010-82032284/82037250

Fax: +86-010-82032284


Tianjin Office:

Address: Hebei News Building Room 1003, Kunwei Road No. 88, Hebei District, Tianjin

Mobile: +86-13802128876

Fax: +86-022-24324837

Shenyang Office:

Address: Hexie Building B, Room 309, Jianshe Ave No. 43, Tiexi District, Shenyang

Tel: +86-024-25305848

Fax: +86-024-25305848

Zhengzhou Office:

Address: Xizhan Road Area No. 3-1-11, Zhengzhou

Tel: +86-0371-67519699

Fax: +86-0371-67521243

Imports and exports trade, collagen and other businesses

Address: South Building 226, Liupukang Street No. 1, Xicheng District, Beijing (Business DepartmentⅡ)

Tel: +86-010-82030285

Fax: +86-010-82032282


Sulfur business:

Address: South Building 226-1, Liupukang Street No. 1, Xicheng District, Beijing (Business Department III)

Tel: +86-010-82035197

Fax: +86-010-82032284


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